Easter/April epew sheet


Services in church
Services will continue at St Mary’s.
Please continue to check arrangements. Everything may be subject to change.

COVID restrictions mean that in the church building you must wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, remain socially distanced and not mingle or socialize with other worshippers.
Please DON’T come if you feel unwell.
You must book for these services

If you feel unwell, PLEASE DON’T COME TO CHURCH

Easter communions
Easter is a time when all communicant members of the Church of England should make their communion if at all possible. If you still feel unsafe coming to church and would like communion brought to you (COVID safely!) please email Judith or leave message on 269390

Services in April

1 April *7.00pm Maundy Thursday service
Maundy Thursday

2 April *2.00pm At the Foot of the Cross
Good Friday

Christ is risen Alleluia.

Sunday 4 April 8.00am Holy Communion for Easter day (BCP)
Easter Sunday *10.00am Easter Eucharist, remember to bring small bells for the Alleluias or if on Zoom join in at home

Sunday 11 April *10.00am Parish Eucharist
Easter 2

Sunday 18 April *10.00am Parish Eucharist
Easter 3

Sunday 25 April *10.00am Parish Eucharist
Easter 4

*Accessible via Zoom

Easter services
At 7.00pm on Maundy Thursday there will be a Eucharist in the church, accessible via Zoom. There will be no traditional foot washing at this service, nor the stripping of the altar at the end. The service will be followed by a vigil for as long as people want to stay, after which the church will be locked

At 2.00pm on Good Friday there will be a quiet and meditative service which will include the reading of the Passion, the Reproaches, prayers and times of silence, and some hymns played – though not (sadly) sung. This service also accessible via Zoom

On Easter Sunday there will be an 8.00am Easter service of Holy Communion ( BCP) and a 10.00am Easter Eucharist

ALL THESE SERVICES NEED TO BE PRE- BOOKED by midnight on Monday 29 March please
(email parishpriest@stmarysburiton.church or leave a message on 01730 269390)

It would be helpful if you would put the service you are booking for in the subject heading

The order of service and the hymn can be found on our website each week. Go to our website www.stmarysburiton.church and click on the Sunday Service tab along the top. Booking for services

Weekday services
Every Thursday evening at 6.00pm Holy Communion in church except Maundy Thursday
Morning Prayer (8.15am) and Evening Prayer (5.30pm) are normally said in church on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The church is normally open for private prayer in the South Aisle on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays during the day

St Mary’s website.
Please check our website regularly www.stmarysburiton.church

On some Sundays either or both the OT and NT maybe used, but the Gospel will always be used
4 Apr

Easter Day na Acts 10.34–43
John 20.1–18

11 Apr Easter 2

Acts 4.32–35 or
1 John 1.1—2.2
John 20.19–end

18 Apr
Acts 3.12–19 or
1 John 3.1–7
Luke 24.36b–48

Easter 3

25 April Easter 4

Acts 4.5–12 or

1 John 3. 16–end
John 10.11–18

Sunday readings
On Friday mornings on Zoom some of us meet to read and discuss together the readings for the upcoming Sunday. This obviously helps us to be better prepared for the service. Do join in if you like. Just being present and listening is fine! Link below

Do you need help?
If you have a pastoral emergency (whatever day, it is) please don’t hesitate to contact Judith. 01730 269390
If your situation is not urgent, however, it would be helpful if you could avoid contacting her on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The churchwardens are happy to assist with parish business on those days.

Are you sick?
If you are unwell, with the virus or anything else, please let the Parish Priest know. I may not be able to visit but there are other ways of ministering. Please don’t assume that I know
Church Warden contact details.
Win Normington: 01730 267926 Reached via: win.fircroft@btinternet.com
Richard Marks: 01730 262599 Reached via :wardownhouse@gmail.com

PCC members
The Revd Canon Will Hughes, the Rev’d Judith Bee, Win Normington and Richard Marks (Churchwardens), Moya Cozens, Vanessa Dowse, Greg Ford, Ian Johnston (Deanery Synod), Mary Owens (Deanery Synod), Alison Stevens, David Symmonds. Simon Nicholls, James Dryden and Katy Schwarz: PCC Secretary.
News from the pews.
Fly on the wall at PCC
Several years ago the PCC changed its eligibility for election rules to read that all elected members of the PCC serve for a maximum of two terms of three years, after which they must stand down for one year before being eligible for re-election. At the March meeting it was agreed that those on the former, annually re-elected system will from this APCM stand for election for a maximum of up to one further three-year term and then stand down for one year before being eligible for re-election. Ex officio members (Churchwardens, Treasurer, Deanery Synod members etc) are not affected. The Eco church group reported it had met twice in February and has completed the sections of the carbon footprint calculation on church, energy, and transport. We expect to finish the remaining sections on food, expenditure and waste on 25 March. We are beginning to explore such things as food and waste recycling, emissions for the church buildings, biodiversity possibilities for the churchyard and cemetery and Rogation Sundays to be dedicated to climate and environment issues. The PCC saw the diocesan visionary plans for the next five years to which the deaneries had been invited to contribute. Some frustration was expressed in our PCC at the way this is being promoted.
If you have any questions about our PCC please ask one of the members.
We have an empty place in our PCC -Would you like to stand for election at the APCM?

Eco top tips – Food
In Buriton food accounts for a surprising one fifth of our average household carbon emissions (explore the parish-level data here). The choices we make in how we eat therefore have a big impact in reducing our individual carbon footprint. Here are some tips to reduce food emissions:
Buy locally and eat seasonally. Using local markets and grocers helps to keep the money in the community, reduces food miles, and often reduces plastic packaging. Fruit and Veg boxes are a great way to eat seasonally. Our community produce stall at the Five Bells is trying to get people to grow their own and encouraging those that raise plants from seed to grow a few extra for the stall. Money raised goes back into the community.
If you eat meat, buy local, from Buriton parish farmers if possible. A UN report showed that lamb and beef from our region have a lower carbon footprint than the global average.
Check your favourite ingredients against the BBC’s climate change food calculator.

Annual Parochial Church meetings
Our APCM will take place on Sunday 25 April following the 10.00am service. This will be accessible via Zoom too (link below) and those joining via zoom will be able to contribute. At this meeting we elect our churchwardens and our PCC . The accounts are accepted and a report on the previous year (2020) given. The booklet containing the reports and agenda for the meeting will be available online before the meeting and some hard copies will be available so please ask David Symmonds 858157 to provide you with a hard copy if you need one. If you are responsible for one of the reports please send asap to Judith or David. All those on our church electoral roll are eligible to vote at this meeting. If you are not on the roll and wish to be please contact Eileen Taylor 858101 tayloreileen103@gmail.com asap.

Easter gardens
Last year, as we couldn’t get into the church, several members of our congregation made Easter gardens and put them where they could be seen by passers-by. This would be a good thing to do again, so do please join in if you would like to. Every Easter garden should contain a representation of a tomb, a rock/stone to roll away, 3 crosses and some colourful symbols of new and vibrant life, (spring flowers are perfect for this) It can be made directly onto your front garden or on a tray or plate. Do please take a photo of it. With your permission we’ll sent them out to everyone via email

Prayer walk
As COVID regulations will prevent our Good Friday walk this year, a suggestion is made that a Prayer Walk is taken on Good Friday and /or over the Easter Weekend ,as a solitary walk or shared with one other person . If walking is difficult then maybe listening to a special piece of music or looking at the flowers in the garden, as we pray, could replace the prayer walk.
Many of the churches in Petersfield Area Churches Together are doing this.
As one of St Mary’s PACT representatives, I thought I’d share this lovely thought.
Vanessa Dowse
If you are out for ‘your once-a-day’ exercise and are near the churchyard do look out for the wonderful primroses, just seen them today spectacular.

An update from Dominase
The Covid pandemic has delayed the work of Buriton’s Village-to-Village link with Ghana but plans are now underway to help with an important priority. As in the UK, the virus is affecting many aspects of life there – but, so far, there have only been 750 deaths out of a population of about 31 million.
Ghana was praised for its initial COVID-19 response in March 2020 as, like other African countries, the Government responded swiftly: closing borders, banning gatherings, imposing harsh lockdowns, closing all schools and insisting on mask-wearing in public—actions that health experts say helped to manage effects from the first wave.
Schools have now reopened and the Government is stressing the importance of thorough and regular hand-washing. And this is where the link with Buriton will now be helping.
No schools in the Dominase area have any running water but special (large) buckets are now available – complete with a tap, and a bowl on a special stand. The Village-to-Village Group supports 26 schools (14 Primary and 12 Secondary) and we have arranged for each of them to have at least one of these special ‘Veronica Buckets’.

This should help children to keep safe, to attend school regularly and to take their hand-washing lessons home to their families so that everyone benefits.

Bishop’s Lent Appeal
As last year, the 2021 Lent Appeal focuses on the environment and our God-given responsibility for the care and sustaining of the world, its resources and its people, which are His first, and also ours. For details go to

In our diocese

• Road to Easter
‘The Road to Easter’ is a series of 15 short films, each involving a Biblical character recalling Jesus’s final week, his death and resurrection, from their point of view. Christians across the Havant area who have previously staged Passion Plays in the town centre have already recorded these films. Read more about the project athttps://www.portsmouth.anglican.org/news/2021/03/18/video-project-aims-tell-story-easter/ . They’ll be shared online every day from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, via diocesan social media channels, and on havantpassionplay.org.uk.

• Living Faith course: Spirituality
This ten-week course seeks to give an overview of the major themes in Christian spirituality over the past two thousand years. Topics covered include monasticism, Celtic spirituality, Franciscan spirituality and Ignatian spirituality. No previous knowledge is required, and course booklets and reading materials are provided. Starts Thursday 29th April, 7pm each evening (with break for half term). Cost: free. Open to all those wanting to deepen their knowledge of the Christian faith and those involved in lay ministry (including Lay Pastoral Assistants, Lay Worship Leaders and Occasional Preachers). Go to https://www.portsmouth.anglican.org/events/2021/04/29/living-faith-course-spirituality/ for details and to book.

Weekly mailing
Our diocese sends out a weekly mailing by email which helps us to keep up to date with happenings in the diocese and beyond. If you would like to receive this, please email parishpriest@stmarysburiton.church and I’ll add you to the list

Christian Aid week
There will be no door to door collections (obviously!) for this year. Please try to make a donation to Christian Aid in another way. Keep up with what they are doing on https://www.christianaid.org.uk/about-us/christian-aid-week/coronavirus-guidance?

Neighbourcare is still operating as normal and can be contacted via Peter (01730 269034) or Kim (01730 262252). The service is currently looking for new volunteers to bolster their numbers. They have had a number of age-related retirements recently and the group would like to add some new blood to share jobs. It’s not demanding and you only ‘put your hand up’ for a job if you want to. Volunteering for NeighbourCare is a good act of Christian service, so if you think you might be able to help, please contact Peter Nixon for a chat (no obligation!): email pillmeadhouse@btinternet.com

Post Office
The Post Office will be in the Seward Room at St Mary’s church on Fridays from 9.30am to 11.30am,with the exception of Good Friday
New arrangements at the Seward Room for the weekly visits include:
• people will need to follow the one way signage,
• wear a mask,
• use the hand sanitiser
• only one person can be served (and one waiting by the Seward Room door) at a time.

It will be Post Office only (no sales, no tea/coffee) and the toilets will not be available.

Fairtrade goods
As part of our desire for a fairer world, many of us choose to buy fairly traded goods. Before COVID certain of these goods were available on a Friday morning at the Post Office. It is still possible to order things from the Traidcraft catalogue. Go to https://www.traidcraftshop.co.uk/ . An order will be placed on 8 April; if you would like to order anything, please contact Judith parishpriest@stmarysburiton.church 269390 before then stating clearly what you would like. A bigger order means none of us pays p&p! It usually arrives within a week of the order.
We also have some large catering size (1kg) of ground coffee for £17 each available for purchase.

Our giving
No services in church during lockdown meant that our finances suffered (like everyone’s!) and will continue to do so for a while.
Thank you to those of you who continue to give through the Parish Giving Scheme, or by standing order.
If you would like to find out more about the Parish Giving Scheme (which is an easy and convenient way to give and includes Gift Aid) please contact our Treasurer, Ian Johnston ian@tithehouse.com 262293.
It is now also possible to give via GoFundMe on our website. As is usual with such websites, there is a small administration charge for its use. When you make a donation, it asks you to give a tip, which goes towards the costs of running its site. Set the tip to £0 if you don’t want to pay this!

Each month in our prayers for the community we focus on a different road, which is always advertised in this pew sheet. This month we particularly pray for the residents of Petersfield Road

Electoral roll
If you are already on the electoral roll there is no need to do anything!
If you are not and you would like to be, please contact our ER officer, Eileen Taylor tayloreileen103@gmail.com

Plastic milk bottle tops
Please keep collecting clean plastic milk bottle tops for the Rowans Hospice. They are taken to the recycling plant at Portsmouth. Monica is happy to continue to do this so many thanks.
Monica Stokes

Our PACT foodbank in Petersfield is as necessary as it ever was. It continues to provide bags of food to people in difficulties who are referred by various agencies in the area. They are currently low on the following items: Tinned and Packet soups; Jams/spreads; Savoury treats; Small bags of sugar; Savoury/cheese biscuits; Tinned fruit; Hot chocolate; Porridge oats; Tooth brushes and paste. Goods can be left with Liz Palmer at 6 Kiln Lane (labelled cardboard box in the porch or nearby if locked) or phone 01730 266267 or email Lizz.Palmer2@googlemail.com. Updates about the Foodbank can be found via www.pact.org.uk/FoodBank

Zoom links
Some people are finding the links on this epew sheet don’t take you directly to the meeting. If this happens, try copy and paste into google, or open the Zoom app and type in the meeting ID
Topic: Sunday Eucharist
Every Sunday at 10am
This link is good until the end of June
Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.
Weekly: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/tZYqdeiqqD0pGtyel89WrJLeqQ51Ouq3C1_Y/ics?icsToken=98tyKuGqqTkrGNKTsxmPRpwQB4jod-rwpiFejbdEmRO9WhdBSC_zJ9MXY51qAYvz
Join Zoom Meeting
Or dial in on your landline – check your tariff first
0 203 481 5237 United Kingdom
Meeting ID: 827 2126 6308
Passcode: 111111

Topic: Sunday readings on a Friday! at 11am
This link is good until the end of June
Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.
Weekly: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/tZArcuqrpjsiHdytY7BpKxtqTTdB_6UK_Hlc/ics?icsToken=98tyKuGsqD4pGdyVuB6PRpwIBI_4b-nxiGJHgqdEiCayITB4ehfnAtZGEI0pJfPv
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 846 5338 0878
Passcode: 145820

Topic: Maundy Thursday
Time: Apr 1, 2021 07:00 PM London
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 860 5588 9803
Passcode: 998293
Dial by your location
0 203 481 5237 United Kingdom

Topic: Good Friday
Time: Apr 2, 2021 02:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 838 0313 4691
Passcode: 607743

Dial by your location

0 203 481 5237 United Kingdom

Topic: Easter Sunday Eucharist
Time: Apr 4, 2021 10:00 AM London
Join Zoom Meeting
Or dial in on your landline – check your tariff first
0 203 481 5237 United Kingdom
Meeting ID: 827 2126 6308
Passcode: 111111

This is the same link for a normal Sunday

Topic: APCM
Time: Apr 25, 2021 11:00 AM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 825 4856 0943
Passcode: 200244

The clergy, Reader and churchwardens wish you all a holy, blessed and joyful Easter

Please note that the email address from which the epew sheet and all the information about services comes is a dedicated address for these purposes and is not regularly checked.
If you want to reply, please reply to parishpriest@stmarysburiton.church

That’s all folks!

Next edition beginning of May

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